New Norcia Bakery
In 1993 New Norcia Bakeries was granted permission to use the original wood-fired oven at the monastery (installed in 1886) to produce authentic artisan breads with a characteristic chewy, golden crust and a slightly smoky, toasted wheat flavour. Response to the breads was enthusiastic from the outset, with the sourdoughs acclaimed as being amongst the best in the world. In 1996 they were fortunate to locate and recommission another 100 year old wood-fired oven in the Perth suburb of Mount Hawthorn. With the two ovens working in tandem to produce a range of breads, pastries, biscuits and cakes, New Norcia Bakeries soon established a reputation as Western Australia’s finest artisan bakers. They now supply all the bread at our Market.

The Bean Runner

Uses locally roasted, freshly ground organic coffee, also ethically traded and rain forest friendly! For chocolate lovers try creamy organic and Fair Trade chocolate as well as a range of exceptional Organic tantealising tea. Real fruit slushies and ice coffees also available. Packaging is 100% biodegradable with a low carbon footprint.
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GMT Produce

Gary’s range of fresh vegetables focuses on heirloom vegetables and mushrooms including the sweet tasting purple and rainbow carrots. He also grows some of the best local garlic around onions and garlic and the original seed stock can be traced back to his Italian great grandfather!
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Catering Green

Catering Green create beautifully made organic pastries including muffins, sausage rolls, bacon and egg tarts, an assortment of lunch tarts, and other delicious baked goods including gluten free options. Email your pre-orders to avoid disappointment.
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Boy & Bee Honey

Boy & Bee Honey are a Father and Son team that are producing honey from hives in their suburban backyard.
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Tony Holl Strawberries

Has a wide range of the freshest vegetable producewith customer lines at opening a testament to his popularity. Tony and his wife Helen have been growers in Wanneroo for over forty years so they certainly know their stuff!
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Gone Grazing Organic Meats

Specialising in grass fed, grass finished beef, as well as Organic pork and lamb raised on the farm in Dandaragan, WA. Their range includes porterhouse fillets, rib eye and organic roasts as well as beef mince and gluten free sausages and organic bone broth. Taste the difference with organic meat!
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Valley View Orchard

Producing wonderful Roleystone fruit right in the heart of the Perth Hills, Wilma will be picking our favourite peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots throughout the warmer summer months. Over the winter season she will have farm grown apples, pears, nashi and persimmon. Yum!
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Authentic Handmade Pasta

Italian Carmine makes the most wonderful pasta including tagliatelle, spaghetti, gnocchi and ravioli.
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Euro Chef

Michael Has been making sausages and bacon the old traditional way with recipes handed down to him from his father and grandfather. There are no nasty sulphites or preservatives here. Euro Chef also offers a line of freshly prepared meals and dips, all home made with the best quality ingredients.

Miam Miam A Bite of France

Fancy a French crepe or waffle for breakfast? So sweet and delicious — just like their other French delights.
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Guinea Grove Farm

Angus has a range of olive oils produced from his family owned biodynamic farm in Gingin. Three types of table olives are also available from Regan’s Ridge, just up the road. Stop, have a chat and learn something new about olives or the world in general!
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Purely Mexican

Purely Mexican specialises in Mexican salsas,marinades, chilli pastes and ready to cook meal packs. All products are locally made from fresh regional and seasonal ingredients. There is something for every palate, come try her very authentic quesadillas.
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Direct Seafoods NT
This company has their own boats and only source WA seafood. They bring us some of the freshest, in season, wild caught WA seafood.

Other Regular Stalls
66 Barrels
Kombucha, Sauerkraut and fermented foods, Ben Williams is passionate about all things fermenting. He is an ex-chef with a background in brewing and began fermenting foods in 2012, starting with experimentation in sauerkraut, concocting the perfect kimchi, and the art of brewing a kombucha.

Mama Goodness
Raw treats and bliss balls all lovingly hand made

Kulin Kluckers
These hens lay their eggs when they want, they see the sun, the stars, scratch in the dirt, peck some grass, have a chat with their mates and generally hang out in the open air. They then produce some of the best eggs around and you can find them at our Market.

La Grande Fromage
David has great knowledge about all things cheese and brings us some of the finest cheese available.

OCD Beef Jerky
Premium quality handcrafted beef. Only the finest herbs, sauces + spices are used to season prime aussie beef. Marinated 24hrs. Charcoal filter air dried.

Chocolate Alchemist
All fair trade, organic and free of GMOs, dairy and refined sugars 🙂 also a vegan range without honey! To order email

Sapphire Spices
Delicious Spice Packs..Roasted and ground whole spices blended into fragrant powders that will make your homemade curries authentic and tasty.

Fresh Salad meal in jars
Delivery: Sun & Wed 6-8pm
Order by 1pm the day before of the delivery day

Bee Lane Fine Smoked Foods
Take a humble tomato and cold smoke it over jahra wood for 16 hours and you end up with the most amazing tomato. This tomato has just taken out the Gold at this years Perth Royal Show and is being used by some of WA’s top chefs.

2 J’s Gourmet
Jacquie and Jennifer make handmade French delicacies from local free range meat and organic vegetables. Preservative free, Gluten free and Paleo friendly.
Come down and try their Chicken or duck pate, terrines or rillettes.

The Petal Shed
Beautiful bunches of flowers and Mandy is happy to make a bunch up for you as well.

Grace’s Biscotti
Grace decided that there was a need for someone to make traditional biscotti as it seemed to be disappearing, so using her grandmother’s recipes she started making all the beautiful traditional biscotti biscuits for us all to enjoy.

Valenti’s on the Brook
Our newest addition making homemade jams and preserves as well as her grandmother’s Vino Cotto and red wine vinegar. All the fruits for her jams are sourced from her farm.

Mr Meli
Traditional Greek Loukoumades made fresh to order at the Market. With toppings like Nutella, salted caramel and traditional honey and walnut.