Lawley’s Bakery

Lawley’s Bakery bring to our Market 15 years of family tradition. With a 20 year old sourdough culture, they bring us some of the freshest hand crafted bread and baked goods from their in-house bakery.  You will be able to pick up some of their famous fresh bread, pies and sausage rolls, sweet pastries, cakes and biscuits to take home for the family

The Bean Runner

Uses locally roasted, freshly ground organic coffee, also ethically traded and rain forest friendly! For chocolate lovers try creamy organic and Fair Trade chocolate as well as a range of exceptional Organic tantealising tea. Real fruit slushies and ice coffees also available. Packaging is 100% biodegradable with a low carbon footprint.

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Catering Green

Catering Green create beautifully made organic pastries including muffins, sausage rolls, bacon and egg tarts, an assortment of lunch tarts, and other delicious baked goods including gluten free options. Email your pre-orders to avoid disappointment.

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Boy & Bee Sustainable Honey

Boy & Bee Honey are a Father and Son team that are producing raw honey from hives in their suburban backyard and areas in Gin Gin.

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Tony Holl Strawberries

Has a wide range of the freshest vegetable producewith customer lines at opening a testament to his popularity. Tony and his wife Helen have been growers in Wanneroo for over forty years so they certainly know their stuff! Tony’s passion is strawberries, and grows the best strawberries around, come a try them yourself.

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Gone Grazing Organic Meats

Specialising in grass fed, grass finished beef, as well as Organic pork and lamb raised on the farm in Dandaragan, WA. Their range includes porterhouse fillets, rib eye and organic roasts as well as beef mince and gluten free sausages and organic bone broth. Taste the difference with organic meat!

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Valley View Orchard

Producing wonderful Roleystone fruit right in the heart of the Perth Hills, Wilma will be picking our favorite peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots throughout the warmer summer months. Over the winter season she will have farm grown apples, pears, nashi and persimmon. Yum!

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EuroChef Fine Foods

Michael has been making sausages and bacon the old traditional way with recipes handed down to him from his father and grandfather. There are no nasty sulphites or preservatives here. Euro Chef also offers a line of freshly prepared meals and dips, all home made with the best quality ingredients.

Miam Miam A Bite of France

Fancy a French crepe or waffle for breakfast? So sweet and delicious — just like their other French delights. Sofie also has her own homemade jam amd chocolate sauce for you to buy.

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Guinea Grove Farm

Guinea Grove Farm is a family owned and operated biodynamic farm located in Gin Gin. Angus and partner Rae, produce six different oils from fruity to robust.  Their olis have won many bronze and silver medals at The Perth Royal Show and is highly recognised.  A variety of flavors awaits you.

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Purely Mexican

Purely Mexican specialises in Mexican salsas,marinades, chilli pastes and dried Mexican chillies. All products are locally made from fresh regional and seasonal ingredients. There is something for every palate, come try her very authentic quesadillas and burittos.

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OCD Beef Jerky

Premium quality handcrafted beef. Only the finest herbs, sauces + spices are used to season prime aussie beef. Marinated 24hrs. Charcoal filter air dried.

Cailo Chocolates

Cailo Chocolate is Perth’s premier bean-to-bar chocolate company.  They are passionate about chocolate, so they have been on a journey of discovery. On this journey, they discovered that making good chocolate starts in the rainforest. Sourcing high quality cocoa beans is essential for making high quality chocolate. They rely on cocoa farmers in Panama and on the Solomon Islands to nurture these fascinating trees with their coloured pods and then harvest and ferment the beans according to methods handed down over many generations. Once the beans arrive in Perth, they combine them with the finest Australian ingredients to create Cailo Chocolate.

The Petal Shed

Beautiful bunches of flowers and Mandy is happy to make a bunch up for you as well. Let Mandy help sort out flowers for your next event or even your Wedding.

Grace’s Biscotti

Grace decided that there was a need for someone to make traditional biscotti as it seemed to be disappearing, so using her grandmother’s recipes she started making all the beautiful traditional biscotti biscuits for us all to enjoy.

The Nutty Grandma

Muesli, Nuts, Cake & Biscuit Mixes, Spice Mixes and more made by Grandma from scratch with love. Sarah uses old traditional recipes and put a modern health twist on them. You can find Gluten free and Paelo mueslis as well as turmeric latte, all made by the nutty grandma herself.

Fungus Among us Mushrooms

Fungus Among Us Mushrooms grow organic fungi from recycled, sustainable and renewable resources.
Our micro-farming operation produces gourmet oyster mushrooms from coffee ground waste for the local Perth cafes, kitchens, restaurants, Farmers Markets and community.
“Coffee grounds are currently being taken to landfill. The anaerobic environment in which it is placed allows it to become a greenhouse gas in the form of methane. Methane has 20 times the global warming capacity of CO2! It is estimated globally that 2 billion tons of coffee waste is produced every year”. – Life Cykel
Fungus Among Us considers ourselves part of the solution to lowering the impact by turning spent coffee ground waste into wonderful fresh food. Once our mushrooms are grown and picked we can also use the mushroom infested coffee grindings as a soil amendment for local gardens.
Our Oyster mushrooms are delicious, super healthy, nutrient dense fungi picked and delivered fresh direct to local Perth kitchens.                         

Tesorino’s Farms

Another one of our growers, Dave grows caperberries and his lovely wife pickles them. He also has seasonal crops of passionfruit, asparagus, garlic and a variety of pickles.

Casella Kitchen

Casella Kitchen is a WA Gluten-Free, Paleo Friendly food business that has evolved as a result of family and friends having severe food allergies and food intolerances. With a love of Italian food and having to create meals that everyone can enjoy at the table, we have developed a unique range of nutritious products with the aim of catering to certain dietary needs.   All of our products are free from gluten, grains, dairy, refined sugar, soy, yeast, preservatives and GMOs. We incorporate organic ingredients where possible and endeavour to use local produce like WA organic pastured/forested eggs, honey and olive oil.  Blanched almond flour and cassava flour are the star ingredients which are low GI, contain wonderful fibre and other nutrients. Separate equipment is used to produce the Almond and Cassava pasta and all of our products and made in a Gluten Free area. Everything can also be frozen for convenience.  Our delicious food products can support you and your family on your journey to good health.

Matthewsons Preserves

Matthewsons make delicious, home-made chutneys, relishes and preserves.
They pride ourselves on sourcing all of our ingredients locally and all of their fruit is prepared by hand. They cook everything in small batches to maintain that family-favourite taste you’ve come to expect.   Delicious!